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Wowww but I figured it was another child El ass was too crazy I guess that had a little to do with it smh Shanell always got some shit going on lol... Poor Trey hes gonna flip but Im sooo ready for it lol.. (Waits For Next Post) =)

On: Apr 12, 2013

Well damn wonder whats this news is about since they have to go right back to Alanta umm its not looking good at all.... I like the way Trey handled Autumn tho he is tired of all the bullshit Im glad he putting his foot down when it comes to these females, and she didnt have nothing to say when Trey told her to leak the tape lol. Im also glad Trey checked Shanell she needs to let some stuff go... Man Man Man the drama!!!!... Next post please!!!!

On: Apr 04, 2013

omg omg omg What?????? Shanell keep something going on I knew it was something up with her smh damn I hope is not true Trey is gonna be so hurt damn... Next post please!!!!

On: Mar 26, 2013

And here comes Autumn... Smh Shanell is starting to get on my nerves with re visiting the past its time for Trey to start speaking with his chest and just tell Shanell NO and to leave the pass in the pass. And as for that Auntie no words I have a feeling she gonna eat her words tho. But I have to know who shot El and what happened to that gun its jus weired that no one knows what happen.... Ummm... next post please!!!

On: Mar 13, 2013

So El (oh Im sorry) Arvell lol is dead woww I cant believe it smh its been a long time coming Ill tell you... I hope Trey gets to come home cause its not looking too good for him... And why are they coming for Trey anyways Arvell clearly came to them and ended getting killed it served him right... But who shot him tho I thought it was Shanell ummm Im really confuse as to whats gonna happen next... Waits for next post.....

On: Feb 12, 2013
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