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@Prittbrowniiz your welcome and yes hes the cake and the platter that holds the cake lol he is everything but seriously keep to doing your thing gurl :)

Replied To: Short Story - ME 4 U (Infidelity2) (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

@Cutiepie28 you are not by yourself I only check the site for new Trey news and to see if the Third part of the Trey and Shanell series is up yet lol I to truly loved the short story Trey is CRAZY lol

@Prittbrowniiz just wanted to let you know that I been following your stories and I LOVE to read (a hobby of mine) and there's not a lot of authors that I favor but I have to say you are my new fav right now you truly do have something special I wish you nothing but the best with your book and soo looking forward to next part of the Trey and Shanell series I know its gonna be too good :)

Replied To: Short Story - ME 4 U (Infidelity2) (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

Love Love Love Heart Attack because its soo true its like Trey is in my life and wrote a song about it lol my Fiance even loves the song I dont have the bundle yet but I am putting in my order tonite but I do have the single already :)

On: Apr 02, 2012

Yea me too its like the discussions are going from last year or a couple of months ago too recent everything is all over the place @numba1hon you are right some of the profiles are missing information but anyway Im sure they'll fix the problem soon.

Replied To: Confused (Forum topic)
On: Mar 31, 2012

Lol and your welcome :)

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On: Mar 27, 2012
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