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@MissTreySongz @TreysAngels

@Triece_Yuuup I am and I want to do it online.
But have a question did they ever email you back because they emailed me back asking what city I lived in and I emailed them back and haven't gotten an response yet just wondering if you heard anything and what do we have to do????

Replied To: Chapter 5 Promo :) (Forum topic)
On: Mar 23, 2012

Whelp like everyone else said #TeamLove there is nothing like it :)

On: Mar 23, 2012

OH and @CUTTIGURL609 girl you get the award for best break down for a video lol you broke it down to a SCIENCE!! I missed it when he ignore the chick phone call let me watch it again lol :)

On: Mar 22, 2012

@Trey's Locket yea I think we are all falling in love with Trey after that video lol and I agree I think he would make an amazing husband and father I for one would love to see him settled down and find someone who truly makes him happy

On: Mar 22, 2012

Truly Amazing Trey you never disappoints every time I look at this video I fall in love 100 times over!!!

OH and jus like I said in the discussion Trey in that white suit at the beginning of the video (Faints) lol that man is tooo sexy

On: Mar 22, 2012
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