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Omg Im so sorry you are dealing with this especially with a child at home you are in my prayers and like @brainyangel said we are all here for you. Stay strong momma.

Replied To: Prayers For An Angel Sister (Forum topic)
On: Mar 12, 2012

Depending on what it is. Like if he was disrespectful towards me for Example: calling me out my name hell yeah his ass gots to go lol. But if its something small like snoring or bad habit like him being messing or the way he smacks when he eats lol I would stay because I think those habits are cute :)

But then I would stay regardless if he was a pain because he just that damn FINE...

Replied To: WHAT IF TREY WAS A PAIN (Forum topic)
On: Mar 10, 2012
Replied To: Dress to Impress (Blog)
On: Mar 09, 2012
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