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Ok hey trey i knoe that i have no chance against any of all these lot but all i an say is that liistening to every word / note that yo sing just always puts me in a better mood and i knoe for sure that after i hava had a crap day i knoe that i can always come back to listen to trey songz. i knoe that the best songs that i love of yours is 'yo side of the bed' and 'simply amazing' like when i watch those videos i get excited to be hearing trey songz but when i see you on ustream literally cant stop smiling because it feels like it is just me and you.I might be too young for you but i am not to young to love you !!!

i knoe that i most likely wont get choosen but it was worth a try, trey songz i am one your BBBIIIGGGGGGGEESSTT FFAANNSSS love you loooooaadddssss <3<3<3<3

On: Aug 11, 2012
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what you is what you get, dont judge a book by its cover LIVE LIFE AND LOVE TREY SONGZ <3<3<3<3<3<3 YOLO !!
Birmingham ,
listening to trey songz <3 listening to trey songz <3 sleeping and listen to trey songz <3
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UB40 boys 2 men all the classics
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Melanie Kioria
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Melanie'Songz ' @MelKioria