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Yes trey angel clothing is avaiable at citi trends and Dr Jays online store and i have a post aoout fake trey facebook pages but now they are also faking his family and that is what takes the cake and is pissing me off totally.

On: Nov 13, 2012

Definately Lightsweet no problem as we get closer to the concert we can confirm information okay. My favorite place to grab a bite to eat has to be the cheesecake factory at the harbor or Brio the food is bomb. So just confirm with me as we get closer my email is I cant wait i am so excited.

On: Nov 08, 2012

Yes Lightsweet the best hotel right next door to Ist Mariner arena is the Hilton. Its expensive but you are exactly across the street from where the concert will be. I just got my tickets second row I am pumped beyond excited this is my christmas gift/congrats on finishing my first semester of law school gift to myself. Cant wait to see my other Bmore angel sisters there.

On: Nov 08, 2012

2nd row baltimore show so pumped and excited to see my baby again. Bmore angel in the house who hooooooooooootooo this is my christmas gift and my celebration of completing my first semester of law school reward to myself. So Happy right now.

On: Nov 08, 2012

exactly email them they will fix the situation flawless.

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