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I totally agree with you because me for example have never been to a trey songz concert but I have gotten three shout outs on three different occasions two on ustream and one on powerhouse online show this past friday. I also got to talk to him on Say now when he had it but I dont go around bragging all the time about it because not everyone has experienced those things. I feel like angels who have met trey can share and stuff but dont rub it in it makes other angels who have never had those experiences feel bad and its not good.

On: Oct 30, 2012

Thank you virgo I am doing good. I live in Baltimore MD and we got a lot of rain and wind but we are okay. We didnt loose power God kept us safe thanks for thinking about the east coast Angels. I pray for the NYC, Philly and NJ angels that they are all safe as well.

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On: Oct 30, 2012

Well everyone neyo won the round not trey so we have to hope he will be added to the wild card round so we can vote for him again yall. This is sucks big time trey should have won not Neyo at all.

On: Oct 29, 2012

exactly this shit is messed up big time how he was leading and now he is behind again i am so pissed off.

On: Oct 29, 2012

Oh thanks for explaining nubaihon we need more angels to vote so we all have to do our part.

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