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Please do not give out the password to other people who are not trey's angels it is not fair to us angels who are given the exclusives for other people to benefit because they have friends who are angels and they are not. Secondly I think all of you who have concerns about the Pre sale should email memberships@trey' so they can assist you with all of your concerns. These are the things that upset fans is when they dont work out the promotion with the radio station and the official trey songz website

On: Oct 25, 2012

As of now Angels trey is 12 percent ahead of Neyo. Keep up the good work and keep voting we still have 4 more days to go to get trey to round 2 please keep voting and while you are voting for fuse trey angels also vote for trey to be nomnated for a people's choice award this year. Angels this year we are gonna get trey all the accolades and awards he deserves for workng so hard on chapter five please vote vote vote and most importantly vote in our presidential election as well but keep voting for trey for these two things as well as the AMA awards as well we taking it all home this year trey is gonna clean up these awards so angels start voting and get your family and friends to vote as well keep voting.

On: Oct 25, 2012

Pre sale for what city. I hope the rest of the states get pre sale tickets as well I think it would be totally unfair if they did not.

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On: Oct 24, 2012

Angel trey is now in the lead by 4% please get everyone you know to vote for Trey for Fuse Top 40 please keep voting we got to help trey win. Angels its time to represent.

On: Oct 24, 2012 this is the link to the fake mama april facebook page. Thanks to a lot of people last night the fake mama april page has been reported and take down but we still have to get the fake trey songz page down. the link for that page is Please help us get this fake tremaine neverson facebook page reported and taken down just like we got the fake mama april page down.

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