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As of now trey is 7% behind neyo this is not good at all. Please Angels vote for trey to win he deserves this so important please angels.

On: Oct 23, 2012

Yes Please help trey win i am very mad that he is so behind Neyo. Lets vote angel sisters vote vote vote I did.

On: Oct 23, 2012

MSTreyangel89 I apologize i did not know you meant it as a joke. See for the last couple of months we have been having issues with a lot of trey's angels who are joining this club just for attention and causing issues. This problem has been addressed on angel talk radio as well as other angels making videos on youtube discussing this problem. I apologize for coming at you without thinking that you might be just joking around. Welcome to trey's angels and I hope you enjoy this fan club as much as the rest of us angels do. Once again I apologize.

On: Oct 22, 2012

Which VIP Fan club package are you refering too. Are you talking about the welcome VIP Package or the Chapter five album VIP Package. You should have recieved your package by now Princesstrey. They have issues with mailing trey angel stuff on time keep emailing them.

On: Oct 22, 2012

Ms_TreyAngel89 now that you are a trey's angel does not mean he will follow you on twitter. That is not what trey's angels are about at all. We are about supporting trey songz and helping him to get to the highest peak in his career. Trey's angels are a family of women who love trey and want to see him reach his highest potential. We are not about getting attention from Trey okay. If thats the only reason you are a trey's angel i suggest you stop being one because we are not attention seeker fan club. Trey does reach out to alot of his angels on twitter but he follows so many fans and angels on twitter he cant keep up. Please dont make this your number one priority as a trey's angel. That is not our goal as a fan club we are deeper than the average fan club. It is not guarantee he will ever follow you on twitter so dont use that as the main reason you are a trey's angel. You need to connect with other angel sisters and learn more about the true meaning of being a trey's angel cause clearly you dont know anything about this fan club and what we stand for.

On: Oct 21, 2012's picture
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