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Angel trey is now in the lead by 4% please get everyone you know to vote for Trey for Fuse Top 40 please keep voting we got to help trey win. Angels its time to represent.

On: Oct 24, 2012 this is the link to the fake mama april facebook page. Thanks to a lot of people last night the fake mama april page has been reported and take down but we still have to get the fake trey songz page down. the link for that page is Please help us get this fake tremaine neverson facebook page reported and taken down just like we got the fake mama april page down.

On: Oct 24, 2012

As of now trey is 7% behind neyo this is not good at all. Please Angels vote for trey to win he deserves this so important please angels.

On: Oct 23, 2012

Yes Please help trey win i am very mad that he is so behind Neyo. Lets vote angel sisters vote vote vote I did.

On: Oct 23, 2012

MSTreyangel89 I apologize i did not know you meant it as a joke. See for the last couple of months we have been having issues with a lot of trey's angels who are joining this club just for attention and causing issues. This problem has been addressed on angel talk radio as well as other angels making videos on youtube discussing this problem. I apologize for coming at you without thinking that you might be just joking around. Welcome to trey's angels and I hope you enjoy this fan club as much as the rest of us angels do. Once again I apologize.

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