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I voted and I am gonna vote again and again we got to help trey win come on trey's angels represent. Trey wont be at the award show though he has a show that night in Batone rouge lousiana. I would be his third show on the chapter five tour. So sad face for that but if he wins they definately will have a video message for him. Lets vote people.

On: Oct 10, 2012

I will be going to the Baltimore MD show if the price is right and the VIP packages better be reasonable thats all I know okay.

On: Oct 09, 2012

Yes Angel sisters I agree for real i need to know the prices so i can budget accordingly. I have been waiting for chapter five tour forever. This is gonna be my treat to myself because now that I am out of college and in Law School I need a lil treat on a budget and I want to see my boo thang trey live if its reasonable because law school is damn expensive but now that i have a part time job on campus I am gonna save for it for real.

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On: Oct 07, 2012

Congrats trey I am so proud of you dear. You have worked so hard and its paying off. I know you will win both awards. I hope to see mama april with you cheering you on as you win both awards. I also hope to see you perform this year as well. Trey i am so excited for you. God is so good trey you are so blessed and its great to see how far you have come. I feel like a proud mom watching you trey get the credit and shine you deserve after all these years. Your story is an inspiration to all that hard work determination and a support system like your mother and the good Lord guiding you you can achieve all your dreams. God bless you trey and keep up the good work and I know your mommy is so so so proud of you her head cant fit in the room anymore hahahaha. Thats how swollen mama aprl head is now because of her joy and pride in her lil man tremaine.

On: Sep 20, 2012

My favorite Trey's angel memory would have to be having him shout me out twice on ustream and talking to him back when he had say now. Trey goes so hard for his treys angels all the time and he is the sweetest most caring person i have ever seen and spoke too. Trey does more for his fans than the average celebrity and thats is why we love him so much. Mama april raised her lil trey very well. Trey i have loved being a treys angel and I will continue to rock with you forever. I have been apart of your journey since TSMB days with mama april back in 2005-2006. To watch you grow and succeed i feel like a proud mama trey. God bless you and you continue to shine and dont let no one stop you and make your mommy and grandma rose so proud that they wont be able to fit in the room because of how swollen you have made their heads that will be filled with pride. I know you will do it baby boy. Gods blessings and love

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