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On: Nov 28, 2009
Replied To: Happy Birthday Trey Songz! (Blog)
On: Nov 28, 2009
Replied To: trey songz exclusive pt2 (Video)
On: Nov 25, 2009

Make it rain, more than that, on top, in the middle, i need a girl, it would be[#1 fave]

On: Sep 13, 2009

"While i be bangin on yo body,
they be bangin on our wall
while they dreamin, you be screamin
now they bangin on our door
sometimes she call me trey,
sometimes she say tremaine
when its all said and done
bet the neighbors know my name
sometimes she call me trigga
cause i make her body burst
he might think my name is "oh sh-",
i make her cuss
i bet the neighbors know my name"

other than that i would have to be can't help but wait, jupiter love, love lost, gotta go, all the if's, in the middle, sex for yo stereo, showerlude, panty droppa, basically everything but Neighbors Know My Name is my ultimate fave

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Sep 13, 2009
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