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merriaTilmeiada may


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Replied To: Trey Covers Billboard Magazine (Blog)
On: Aug 06, 2010

first for him to get me up there imma be eyein him wit ma signiture sexy eye.den wen i get up derr.mmmmm ooo weee if he gets behind me imma put ma butt on his front and grind wit i told yall before he aint gon send me off stage he gon send me backstage to get more and a lil extra...

oh and( princesspink) im goin to da nyc concert

On: Jul 16, 2010

no he cant be gay cuz he to into gurlz,,but sum videos can convince you that he iz but he aint cant u jus luk at his face

Replied To: rumors say that he is gay (Forum topic)
On: Jul 16, 2010

welll i love him in black. i jus gottah say i know u said besides blsck but i love em in dat coulur.but i thnik trey woos luk gud in nuthn at all datz ma fav coulur for him oooo weee sexy cant waiyt to see dat

On: Jul 12, 2010

his lips ooo dey tasste so gud.... im play'n idk wat dem tasste lik. i bet dey tasste lik sugur er sumthn sweet like candy ..idk.. but dem thangz luk so gudd i jus want dem on ma big ass

On: Jul 12, 2010
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merria"Tilmeiada" may
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im a model in ma hometown, and im in love wit trey songz he's so fine and i can get him to be all mine!!! so try and mess wit him if u want to hoez cuz he minez ......
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