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Damn ish is crazy n cant wait 4 more... Man I cant believe TREY messed wit dat girl ugh then she taped it wow... Crazy crazy but i'm lovin it...

On: Dec 24, 2011

Damn another cliff hanger... I need 2 kno wat happens so next post plz!!! Trey better not sleep wit her...

On: Dec 23, 2011

Wow!!! Cant wait 4 the next post!!!

On: Dec 21, 2011

More plz!!! I need more asap!!!

On: Dec 21, 2011

I think I figured out who put shanell n trey n da hospital but I'm not goin 2 say who jus yet cuz I could b wrong but I still havent figured out y the person put trey n there... Hmmmm but love it n cant wait 4 more as always...

On: Dec 17, 2011
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I'm 28 yr old mom of 3... I work in health care... Anything else ya wanna kno jus ask... my angelnn is #InventiveAngel which i got on 9-7-11...
Saint Paul
spendn time wit my kids, goin 2 da movies r jus chillen n watchn 1 at home, spendn time wit my fam n helpn others wen i can...
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