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Mhis Songz


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On: Dec 16, 2009

Cancer baby!! July 8th when this Trey Songz lover came to this world

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On: Dec 02, 2009

well everything from his voice to his perfect body (ma fav) but it`s also his smile its juss so cute and it completes his sexy package

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On: Dec 02, 2009

i would want him to sing i need a girl juss because that is ma fav song by him

On: Dec 02, 2009

if he kissed me i would kiss back and have that in my brain for the rest of ma life

-#1 Trey Songz Fan

On: Dec 02, 2009
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Mhis Songz
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ok ma name is brittany i love Trey Songz he is the sexiest man alive @ this point. i love his music his best abulm so far is Ready. I love juss about every song his voice is in but my favs are, say aah ,just gotta make it, i need a girl, LOL smile face, and 1st love