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On: Apr 10, 2010
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my name is Myeco Davis but my friends and fam call me mikey or micky. Im a huge fan of the music industry. I love singing and dancing. Being an entertainer is basically my life. I love Trey ever since he came out with last time. Lol i feel bad that it took so long for me to start liking him but i did i got READY and everything lol. I been singing ever since i was 4 and dancing since i was 6 so now i think it just comes naturally. my inspiration is Michael Jackson and i liked him since i was 4 he was the one who got me started singing im not just saying that b/c he past like others. Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, The Temptations, Trey Songz, and Aaliyah. Im a real cool person. I liked chilllin with my friends and going to the mall, and movies and things like that. I definitly like going to concerts. My first concert that i ever went to was the HOllADAY Jam when i saw Trey. Im a very relaxed person untill you push my buttons so dont try me lol.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!