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I'm a fan. Trey makes good music/mixtapes. It's a fact that Trey is talented. I've seen him live at Heineken Musical Hall in The Netherlands. He understands the positivity/negativity that comes with relationships. With some of his songs, i say: ‘That happened to me’. I subscribed to this website to be up to date about TS. My hobbies are dancing/basketball. My friends are important to me and I like to go out, go to the movies etc... I give 3 nights a week hiphop dance lessons. When I dance/listen to music I feel like a different person. When I sing along/rap I feel relaxed. Unfortunately I can't sing, I like to learn but I never had lessons/ asked for it. Furthermore I have my diploma in IT and I work now. If I decide to go to school again and go for more diplomas, then I'd like to combine it with work. I don't know if I continue in IT, maybe I want to do something in sports/dance. Enough about me... Trey Songz, You the best! Keep up the good work. You have my respect, Mill Godlieb

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