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How come Trey Songz don't have anything scheduled for Cali. How come he ain't coming over here, he got a bunch of fans. ugh i remember when he was here November 18, 2010 in hollywood at Borders, I was almost there then my mom decided to take me home. I was soo hurt it would have been the first time I see him in person, but my wish didnt come true. I want him to come back to Cali so one of my dreams can come true.

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On: Apr 06, 2011
On: Feb 14, 2011

I wish he could at least follow me on twitter and all his other fans I can myself a true fan because I am always representing him, people that didnt know who he was know him now because of me. I dont ask for anything but I wish for one day to spend time with him and have a picture of us. He is my favorite artist and it would be nice to feel loved even though he doesnt know me he could at least appreciate me and all of us fans because without US he really is nothing.
Love You Tremaine.

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On: Nov 10, 2010

Ever since you came out in 2005 your voice blew me awayy. I love listening to your music, looking at your picturess, i do this every single day as much as i can. From when i open my eyes to when i close them at night I am listening to you. Gotta make it, Trey Day, Ready, Anticipation, Passion Pain and Pleasuree. The song i can never get over is "You Belong To Me" i can play that song in repeat until someone tells me enoughh alreadyy. I can relate to many of you songz, the ones i do relate to I think to myself did he go through that too. At the end of the day it makes me feel better knowing you exist and is making beautiful music, i dont love you for what you are i love and admire what you do. You know how to sing and make all us ladies and maybe men, go crazy for you. Thanks for your music my love. Continue to succeed because you are successful.

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On: Oct 27, 2010
On: Oct 05, 2010
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