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mirabel tafie


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June 27

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mirabel tafie
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im young,courageous,fun loving,attractive,easy going,hate challenges and above all i have passion for music.ever since i heard his first album,i felt in luv with his music and his style.tremaine u are GOD send.becoz of the passion i have for his music and the way he give to his fans,inspire me so much to become a music writer some day.and when ever i listen to his music,i feel like he is referring to me.all the same i got mad luv for u and im so blessed to be ur fan....tremaine neverson...but i call u trey....i love what u do..may GOD continue to bless u.
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mirabel tafie
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oooo doorbell...guess who"s coming to diner tonite...i love the beginx to the end..

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im listening to doorbell rit now,,,emmmmmmm its kool.i love the album passion pain and pleasure

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i love ur musics and u have a strong vocal.i like the one u did zith kelly r.u motivate me.....motivation

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it feels so gud to have an it and im gonna enjoyit.and trey u so handsommlove ur style