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Replied To: ANGEL IDENTITY (Blog)
On: Oct 24, 2010

Thank you! I need to research how I can get the process started!

Replied To: giving back (Forum topic)
On: Oct 19, 2010

yes!! @Misha_May

On: Oct 18, 2010

That would be nice, but I live in L.A!! But, I have always wanted to give back to my community! I'm not sure where to start!! I would like to start something with young girls, even more so with teenage mothers... I would like to have a group that could keep them focused on continuing their education so that they could have a better shotat breaking the cycle of teenage poverned families!

Replied To: Calling ATL #AngelsWithHeart!! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2010

Lawd, I am glad I am not the only one! I tell myself , "self, you're too damn old for this!! 27, with kids and a Hubby! He always makes it known he can't like Trey cuz I'm cheatin on him with Trey, lol!!

Replied To: 25 and over Angels....QUESTION (Forum topic)
On: Oct 14, 2010
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