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miss babi doll


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Make dvds of any tour concert dat he does . So fans dat missed out can still see how it went .. .. .. And look at it as many as times as dey want !
by da way .. .. ..happy birthday trey babe ! Love you man !

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On: Nov 28, 2010
On: Sep 19, 2010

Of course i do 24.7 on my zune my fone and + i got his songz as my fone ringerz .
His music is a motivation 4me . . . .without it i feel incomplete but i always got sum electronic device on me and i garentee itll have my trey baby on it .
If not (which wuld neva happen) i always got youtube on my fone .
It neva fails as a day goin by dat i wont tawk about my trey or listen 2 his music .
Ive been musically inspired by him since da old days when my baby was on american idol . Had my vote ery nite and even doe he aint win i knew hed rise up n da music industry any way cuz manz got talent

On: Sep 19, 2010
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miss babi doll
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I love Tremaine Aldon Nerverson wid all my heart more dan any oda fan and daz all dat matters and need 2 be said 4 da moment . . . .
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