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Miss Brianne


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LaTasha Ford
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Like my last name I am built "TOUGH"! I have an absolute unique personality. They tend to call me Hot~N~Spicy because of my physique. I am 17 years of age, I am from the lovely town of Natchez,MS, I am an outstanding and accelerated student at my High School, and I am a person to have any type of discussion with and it'll be your worth-wild. My favorite NFL team is no other than the Pittsburgh STEELERS and my favorite NBA team is no other than Miami Heat! My all-time favorite color is BLUE, I love cookies~N~cream ice cream, favorite subject is History because I like to know where I come from. I absolutely love to dance and choreograph in my free time. I was a cheerleader both years in junior high school, I am currently a choir member, I do Shot-put for our high school's track team, I I have been in academic programs all my life such as SOAR, National Honor Society, Student Council, and this is my second year as our Beta club's President. On last year I was awarded the spirit of America award at our state pageant in Jackson,MS. Turn-ons: 1. nibbling on the neck 2. sensual kiss on the lips 3. taller than me 4.have to be packing in ALL areas and aspects. Turn-offs: 1.Don't tell me how big my butt is, I've had it all my life, it's not going anywhere 2.liars 3.cheaters who dont expact me to trip(STUPID) and finally 4. A nigga who won't defend his chick, including defending her from his rage as well. I love my life no matter how much trauma I have to go through to get to happiness, I always have a smile on my face.
Dancing, laughing, creating stuff, and traveling
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United States
LaTasha Brianne Ford
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October 26, 1995