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I luv 2 reasons,Dive In,Simply Amazing and Heart Attack.....Not sure abut Hail a chance.. i luv Kevin heart...he is funny

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On: Aug 27, 2012

Trey songz albums has taught me to give each track chances before i decide i hate it or like it LOL........LUV them all some more than others.

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On: Aug 24, 2012

Uhmm....He seems like the type of man that appreciates and respects all different types of women ^_^
I DONT think the length of the hair of the women should be a big deal. Women are the biggest liars when it comes to looking good. I personally don't see anything wrong for us women wanna dress to impress. Women say that they can wear whatever they want and you shouldn't judge her for how she look. Girl try and dress like how you want to be perceived NOT to make a point of don't judge a book by its cover.

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On: Aug 24, 2012
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^_^ wanna know ??
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STORY ME MEETING FINDING TREY IN MY IPOD I was a fan of trey songz from day 1. I was obsessed with the song cant help but wait.My bro had it on his phone and i toke it.He kind of sounded like Ne-yo VS R kelly to me. Am lazzy so i couldnt be asked to go an research it on the net. Until i was sitting on ma sofa at home an saw it play on BET. My friends didn't know him so they didn't like him. The like artists and songs that are know. Then when already taken premiered my friend came up to me and said.....he listen to this song its realy good and i was like i know i love this i started talking about his albums and giving her advice's of other songs she should listen to. One of my other friends seriously lives in a cave she doesn't know anyone. And one friend hates trey and one hates trey 2 but she listen to his songs. SOOOOOO THAT IS HOW I FOUND OUT ABOUT TREY LOL ^_^
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Play football for Americans its soccer.Go to 6form, luv drawing and designing. Also Reading, watchin, drawing Japanees Anime.MY FAVORITE HOBBIES ARE doing nothing just sitting there and staring in to blank spaces. And going out with my friends..uhmmm yah oooo yeah and EATING IIIIII LUVVEEE FOOOD
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ON my songs list i mostly have Rock, Old R&B songs some new and Old rap songs. I dont like music today it has become child's play. U DONT need talent to make music. these days u only see Club pop songs. Not the type of genre i want to listen to when am drawing. Its ok when am working around the house, cooking or partying.
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My name is Amina Amal A.
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uhmmm... i got one but i am never on it its too complicated. And i do IT in school.