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Wow good question i would say absoloutely not!! im not gona lie to my self on that one!! i defitnatly couldnt handle it i cant even handle my relationship im in with my bf our busy schedules so i could only imagin it being with an rnb singer like trey.!! Which is totally unfair to trey because i know alot of relationships he may have had suffered from this same exact question because women are very demanding but then again if you love each other you will make it work but then again were all human and we need to be around the object of our affection constantly so its very difficult and trey choose this career so im pretty sure he knew he would have been putting a back seat to his personal love life when he choose the life of fame and became an rnb singer. yea its not fair but its very hard to succeed in any two things with his hieght of fame its either one or the other love or money simple.... which i dont blame him i say build ur career first to the point where your finances are stable and you could live to your level of comfort and then seek love when ur done because technnically we all know love is no easy ride in the park and if ur gona face it atleast be money wise safe so u can focus on love by itself and not having to deal with being broke and having love problems lol. good old life !! well im outties like always much love2tremaine jus giving my own honest opinion.

On: Sep 23, 2010

im a trey songz fan i love his music and his work. his voice is very different from other male rnb singers. i loved him from day one from his very first single to now i have loved all his albums untill PPP landed. now i know every album cant be perfect and no one is but i just wanted to know why do PPP sound so different off beat and wierd like its missing something except for the duo with Nicki Minaj Bottoms Up, Already taken, Cant be friends and all of the interludes and 1 or two others like unusual and red lipstick is my favorites but the rest goes downhill. why do he sound like a new artist trying to find his style when he already have a flow from past songs what went wrong? idk if the album was rushed or what happened maybe wrong song writer maybe making this album was at a difficult time for him what ever the case being a trey fan i was very dissapointed because to me this album PPP lacked depth and didnt sound like the trey im accustomed to hearing the beats were odd and the songs didnt flow into each other i just wasent feeling it the whole vibe of the album is like pure confusion and had me lost. I love trey because of the quality he puts into his music and he works very hard on his performance he have the total package i still support him in everyway im just saying im very dissapointed im still trying to hopefully catch on to PPP untill then im rocking out to past albums and i hope for further albums to be way better than PPP.
Xoxo Manda.
i truly love trey.!Im just giving my honest opinion.

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On: Sep 23, 2010
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