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Why couldnt i preorder through my google plat that way its on my phone already

Replied To: Playboy (Album)
On: Mar 19, 2017
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United States
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We know you a busy man and family first but check on your angels on the angel network when you get a chance.we LOve you trey

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Just another thing you love your grandma rose like I love my grandma. And I cant do no wrong in my grandma eyes either. Keep being humble as yo are. I must say though you went in for that animal video.

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Trey you are so remarkable. I just want to say I will be waiting for my selfie. Shout out to your mother April for raising you to be a gentleman. I really like your music. One day hopefully I can get my selfie that would make my day. I have seen you when you were in nyc but never seen a concert or got a selfie. One day I will waiting for your tour patiently. Whenever I feel down or stressed. besides listening to other artist. I cut on your music you have your own playlist on my phone oldies and new songs. Just something about your voice with other songs make me feel better. Hope you have a great year.

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