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My name is Kenny! I am #SafariAngel....I love Trey Songz very much (I am more than your average fan....meaning I go HARD for Trey) Been following Trey since 05...
Philly (for now)
United States
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Just want to thank you guys for my NN. I luv it! "BestSellerAngel." Great choice!

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thanks angel i will check it again

sinsation820 CharitableAngel's picture

i would like my nickname im still waiting for it

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oo hey gurl ma eamil forget to send me ma nickname lol

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Girl...I'm so


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I believe I already DM you, but hapoened to be on here, so here is my email address Thanks

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Hey, I just realized my comment didn't post. I think we spoke on twitter, but here is my twitter name and it has 2 underscores in it, not 1. People were adding some random chic, so I had to specify. lol. @emerald__jade

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Starring: Trey Songz

Trey: I will never let you go baby

Serena: be a man, I don’t love you anymore

Trey: *in her ear* you don’t mean that

Serena knew he was right and although she had been doing her best at fighting him off, she couldn’t escape the secure feeling she had when she was in Trey’s arms.

Serena: *pleading* just let me go, I can’t do this anymore.

Trey: *in a low tone, with his lips brushing against her neck* what can’t you do?

Serena felt a chill run from between her knees up to her pussy as she weakening by the minute.

Serena: *in a low tone like Trey’s* I don’t want to be with you-

In the middle of Serena’s sentence, Trey kissed her neck behind her ear. She rested her head back on his shoulder. Noticing that Serena was no longer fighting his grasp, he loosened up his grip a little continuing to caress her neck with his warm lips.

Serena: *letting out a soft moan* stop Trey

Trey: don’t you leave me girl , don’t you leave me girrrrl *he sang into her ear*

Serena was silent as was no longer fighting back. He turned her around and continued in on her neck, now adding in a little tongue with his warm lips. Serena threw her arms around Trey pressing his face into her neck by the back of his head. He sat down the top step pulling her down on top of him as she positioned herself in a straddling position.

Hey, this is a sample to one of the stories on the site. If you love Trey and you love to read, Check it out

you can find LOVE LOST at


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sorry for the late reply..

what he signed was..

2 Keisha (My Angel)
Love Trey Songz....

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That`s ok and i hope i win too i enter about 3 others so by the end of the week i should know if i win or not have fun anyways.

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Hi i was wondering do u have an extra ticket for the so Kodak performance if so can i get it plz. Can u reply soon telling me yes or no.
God Bless

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Thank U ksoelovesTreysomuch for the link for the another Kodak contest.