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"This Woman is a Beast!!! & Faith, Education, Love & Life are the Entrees in which I Feast!!! I am Truly Blessed & He is King" I am an Independent, Convinced, Educated, Strong Black Woman who is very ambitious. I have various goals in life & I strive to get what I want. I'm outgoing & funny at times. I'm just really down to Earth & Love Living Life!! Aquarius Stand Up! Much Luv To Trey: Thanks for never forgetting where you came from. You always manage to show VA some Love, whether its representing the Burg or the 7 cities. You let it be known "The Prince of Va" is still doin' it big, hands down! No competition. I've been down w/ U since V-Gurl, Just gotta make it, my VSU college days, etc. Keep doin' your thing Trey, you definitely shut it down everytime you step in VA & put those haters in their place. Thank You & great selection in Chapter 5 tour mates by the way. Miguel is awesome & extremely talented, but you Always in 1st place w/ me! Muaahhh! Take care & keep doin' you! Much Luv & God Bless
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