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either qoOd or bad yhu prObably have heard bOut meh & whether yhu like meh or nOt really dOesnt matter bekusz ur opiniOn dOesnt phase meh! but heres dhe FACTZ.. i qO by dhee name mah mOther&&father picked out which is CHANNA but mah niqqasz & bitches call meh NANN3RS, BANANA,NANNiE && CHANNii3 i been knOckinqq bitches out dhee bOx since 7.12.93 makinqq meh a CANC3R. i qOt this TALiiAN, iRiSH, & iNDiAN bloOd running thrOuqh meh & i am prOud of it. i stand bOut 5'8 im pretty tall fOr mah aqe. i love mah [familyy&&friends] & i wOuld dO anythinqq fOr dhem. im a dOwn ass RiDE-OR-DiE bithh & im always dOwn fOr anythinqq fun & excitinq. if i jus meet yhu i may be A LiL SHY iNN0C3NT GiRL but Other then dhet im jus a CRAZY GiRL mOst of dhee time sO yhu qOtz tO qet used tO meh. im sOmeOne you can loOk up tO & im sOmeone you can call on for help or advice.
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