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i feel that everybody got something that is like wow you know. it showed me that he is a real man to admit and confess to his fans, putting his life out there you know and risking losing fans. so i liked that because it showed me his realness.

On: Feb 15, 2010

i mean i think he would date someone outside the fame range just because he's that type of person. like its more drama to date someone with fame like you you i think so!!

On: Feb 15, 2010
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Yo dis ya girl Miss Songz commin out of the A!!! Yeah i just want to show some love to my man Trey. i love all your songs, but unlike them other chicks i aint OBSESSED with you, but that is my song though. i like everything about you really, you know, your smile, your swag, your songz, and you personality. to me you are a REAL man and you aint ashamed of nothing. You just like me. if there ever was a me and you, i think, scratch that, i know we'll have a ball and ill be able to handle you, but you probly couldnt handle me. you got everything im looking for but age is a big well holla!!!