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On: Sep 13, 2010
Replied To: Last Time (Video)
On: Sep 08, 2010
On: Sep 08, 2010

Im so glad you posted sure trey is very thankful to have a post like this ;)

Replied To: Lets Pray for Trey (Forum topic)
On: Sep 08, 2010

I enjoy ALL of trey's work he is an AMAZING and UNIQUE artist...When i listen to trey i feel like i get a taste of MJ...he has a lil MJ in his voice n i love it...Bottoms up is my jam off the #passionpain&pleasure album...i also really enjoy "cant be friends" thats like the theme song of my life...I would do anything for an opportunity to meet trey...He just had a concert 30 mins from my crib last friday and i missed job wouldnt let me off and it broke my heart...if i ddint need tht paper i would have been there for my bay ;)...if trey could do more meet n greets and competitions it would be GREAT!!

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On: Sep 08, 2010
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