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C: You will always have my love + my support through sunshine, rain + storms.

I’ve already preordered ‘Chapter V’ like I have with all your other albums and the anticipation is KILLING me. focused its got you places + it still is your fan base is growing by millions day by day + your getting the recognition you deserved ages + ages ago. Wishing you even more success + fame in the future – it may not happen right now or at this precise moment you want it too but you will get it when God thinks its right. I’ve helped support you from day 1; whether with posters, getting new fans, advertising you and what you do! AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. <3

On: Aug 19, 2012

C: Your song lyrics based on your thoughts/feelings have made me realize I’m not alone. I love watching your interviews, listening to your songs making me feel like I’m there with you with a range of different emotions: crying, laughing, giggly,lol it’s a thing where I could be watching you on TV whether my moment, a music video, interview whatever - when you smile I smile, I scream, I get excited, I look at pictures of you and I'm in tears only you have this effect on me, Unfortunately, I have not been able to see you in concert, personally I don’t think that does not make me less of a fan than anyone else. I ‘m constantly talking about you, if not that your music, it annoys EVERYONE when I mention your name/ or talk about you its because once I start I just can’t stop, its actually so bad now, I have nicknames – Mrs Trey Songz, Mrs Songz Neverson, Mrs ‘Obsessed’ Songz its been so bad that my mum and dad had me on a limit to how many times I could say your name – 3 times a whole day if not I have to pay them it did not work WHATSOEVER, and in college my teacher used to have a money box every time I said your name I had to pay her like 50p lol, I used to annoy her because I ALWAYS used to talk about you. The amount of friends I’ve lost contact with either on facebook, twitter, etc just because of my recent updates about you – they just can’t take it anymore but I don’t care about them, you’re my everything and more and I love you sooo much words cannot even explain.‘Gotta Make It’ ‘Missing You’ ‘Heart Attack’ ‘Dive In’ and ‘Simply Amazing’ Amazing’ have to be my all time favourites, I can relate to your songs because I’ve experienced them. I’ve realised that hard really does pay off, you’re the one who taught me one of my favourite life lessons / quotes to this day ‘Never forget the morals instilled in you and what really matters in life, never let other voices of other people drown out your inner voice.’- I’m a proud fan + I have yet to find words to describe.

On: Aug 19, 2012

HEY TREY. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I have been the biggest fan of yours since 2005 the ‘Gotta Make It’ days and if 110% truthful my love for you has grown even stronger now then it was before if that’s even possible.

When I first heard your beautiful voice, and watched your video I knew from that day that you would make it I’d be there support you on your claim to fame, it felt magical – hearing you hit them high notes – listening to you sing like no other, and I had just turned 11 !

you’re a really nice, kind, giving person you do so much + never ask for anything in return, you grew up in a small area + the fact that you’ve progressed so much is just unbelievable you’re just the best role model + inspirational person alive to me. You always give 100% so I feel the need to give 110% + it will continue to be like that till the very end. You mean so much to me + I know it sounds weird of me to say this but you mean everything + more to me; you seriously do!

Your voice puts me in a trance, sends me to another world – it is indescribable + always has me speechless. When you sing it feels like I’m singing with you and that you’re singing to me, you have a place in my heart + always will Tremaine. I know every word to every album + every song you’ve released since then, whether old, new, released, unreleased, remixes you name it I know it. Never would I have thought that such a person would feel the exact same way.

On: Aug 19, 2012

Before a concert, event or before you travel is there a routine/task you have to do?

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On: Jul 04, 2012

How do you find the time to separate Trey Songz from Tremaine?

On: Jul 04, 2012
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Mumma April you're my inspiration I look up to you as the woman I want to be, you are amazing! Trey I will always be your angel & you'll be my rock!
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