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Im trying to go....gotta check the funds. Im a poor college student and if I come i will be traveling from WV!!lol Last time i did that the show got cancelled in Norfolk because of maybe this time it will work!lol Ive tried to see trey 3 times and i have only seen him once if i get let down again im gonna PISSED!!!lol

Replied To: FEB 12-DC ()
On: Jan 12, 2011

Im West Virginia's only angel...i think...hit me up ladies!! @MissUNcommon25 I will follow back!! :)

On: Dec 15, 2010

@MissUNcommon25 I will be there!! Im driving 6 hours from West Virginia!!! Im soooooooooooooooooo excited!! lets meet up angels!!! :)

On: Nov 22, 2010

I would really like to do something...its just that im from West Virginia, so it would be kind of stupid if i tried to set something up!lol I dont even know my way around Norfolk!

Replied To: OMG Tour Norfolk VA ()
On: Oct 07, 2010

follow me on twitter @MissUNcommon25

Replied To: OMG Tour Norfolk VA ()
On: Oct 06, 2010
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Hello my name is Aiesha.....Nothing more to say about me than I am a Tremaine Neverson lover!!lol West VIrginia's only angel....hopefully that changes soon!! I love everything about trey "i been with him since he had long braids"lol Hit me up ladies @MissUNcommon25
West Virginia
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