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Misz Gigglez


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On: Mar 19, 2010
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Misz Gigglez
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i work hard for wut i want.ive been thouqh alot of shit in onli 20 years i try to neva take advantaqe of mad eazy to talk too. most people come to me for advice.i been threw to much shit to deal wid drama. ima qood listener.ima deep thinker and im smart in handlin my own situationz.i wont judqe you on your past down wid all types of people.everyone says im very mature for mah aqe.buh i do kno how to have fun.there are onli a few people i trust cuz ive been fucked over plenty of times by people i had mad trust is tha world to me wid out them i dunno where i would be.they are always there for me when no one else is. im mad chill if u take the time to qet to kno me.i love to be unique. im very trustworthy. people like to judge me before getting to kno me.i tend to qet affended mad quiet around people i kno i wont bond wid. i alwayz speak my not tha type to chase after somebody.ive learned to be independant cuz it qets you places.