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It was a pleasure…my pleasure to read this. @MSMATARA this read in my office has brought a smile to my face. I agree that it is not often that you find someone as influential as @treysongz post a tweet has selfless as you mentioned but it is refreshing to see/read. We all go through things, some more than others but its knowing that you are not alone…makes all of the difference. I’ve never met Trey or have I met you but I can attest to the love and family that I felt after joining the @treyangels. I am very philanthropic and so when I meet a group of people who share the passion as I and are willing to put Service Above Self, its like heroin to me. There is lots to be said about the family/friendship comradery that exists within the Angels. I pray that this bond keeps extending beyond. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man, not just for his undeniable talent but for the respect he shows to Christ/himself/me/us/the world and most of all his mother. God Bless as always!

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On: Oct 17, 2011
On: Oct 13, 2011
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