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I think there should be an age restriction when it comes to young persons attending concerts where the artist is too explicit during their shows. The fact is we know youngsters are exposed to situations that they shouldn't be, whether it be violence or sex, but I personally do not feel that it should be accepted as the norm, otherwise where does the line get drawn?
I suppose each parent has a degree of control over what their children watch or listen to and if they feel that they have at least attempted to educate and instill good qualities into them then hopefully they won't be too easily influenced, but for those children who do not have such guidance, it's useful to have some restrictions in place from some sort of authority to protect them.

Replied To: Making an age limit at Trey's Concerts (Forum topic)
On: Jan 30, 2012

I agree with that these words used can sound derogatory to women, but I view it the same way that rappers use the N word in their songs, it can be a diss or a compliment. I try to look at these words within the context that they are used and although in the UK these aren't popular words, US media seems to show this kind of language as acceptable on a street/hood level. Also I look at some of the usernames that some women use to describe themselves for example bad b**ch or h*e and I think it would be interesting to know from them why they choose those words and if in everyday life they would want a man to refer to them as such.
On a personal level I work in an area where I see people from all types of backgrounds and who use the most basic of language at times so I understand that this may be the way they have learned to communicate and express themselves. Rappers sometimes use different persona's so does the lovely Beyonce. It's all entertainment and if we don't like it we don't have to listen to it and as far as children are concerned, it's our responsibility to ensure we monitor what they listen to and watch.

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On: Jan 27, 2012
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