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Me, Myself, and I °°__So There Is This Gurl__°°: ♥•°_Monica _°•♥ °°__She Fell From Heaven On__°°: ♥•°__27 Of August_°•♥ °°__She Walks Tha Streets Of__°°: ♥•°_Sunshine _°•♥ °°__Looks Through Her__°°: ♥•°_Brown Eyes_°•♥ °°__Shes is Educated At__°°: ♥•°_Sunshine College♥ °°__ BEST FRIENDs__°°: ♥•°_Sung_Bezen_Adau_winiy_Mar y_abuk_Achok_MYY BFF4EVA=Mary |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|[x♥x]|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| `lOVe it . FEAR IT.uя JELOUS weи yur иEAя it.HATE me? RATE me . BOTTOM LINE yOu AINT me |__________|[o♥o]|__________| Music ♥Trey Songz♥Plies♥Dolla♥Lil Wayne♥Murphy Lee♥Lyf Jennings♥ Loves(L)♥ m5n, h3r fr13nd5, hav1n9 fun, 5hOpp1n9, mu51c, h3r 5tra19h73r, h3r ph0n33, h3r fam1ly, and any7h1n9 7ha7 15n'7 b0r1n9, b01$(n0t all 0f d3m)