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uhmm letzx see
1)yo side uh dha bed
2)jupitah lovee
3)doez he do iht
4)invented sex remix
5)sticky face
6)wonder woman
7)last time
8)readiie to make love
9)go hard remix
10)neiqhbors know muh name

On: May 18, 2010

wen iseen hem in person...iliterallyy cried likee sum1 juzx died lol...iht waz a concert in atlanta n wen he kame out ifell out on dha qround n started cryinqq(onliee cuz iwaz in shock like ikant believe iwaz actualliiee lookinqq at hem) but naw ion think imade pantiiee puddinqq:p

On: May 18, 2010

iwuld say hem period....hiz smile makes mee scream&&-plus dha facial expressionz he makes in hiz video'z killz mee...makes muh bodiiee wanna melt(lol)

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: May 18, 2010
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wuh izx dere too kno.?? ilovee TreySongz....widd awl muh heart....nevah realliee paid hem much attention until(lol) invented sex video kame out...OMQEE!! ifell in lovee widd im sooo crayzxiee bout ehm..(no stalkah iish) but iswea ibee boudah melt wen ihear hiz voice...he'z qot iht awl...frm dha talent to dha lookz...ilyy mwah tremaine YUPPP!!! :-)