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If you can't do paypal hit me up on twitter and I can give you a different way to send in your funds in! No angel that wants to participate will be left out!

On: Jul 09, 2011

Treys Award is being created from scratch. It will be made of glass so it has to be sculptured. That is very expensive and the names going on the plaque are going to be very expensive depending on how many angels actually participate. If there is an overage dont worry we will come up with other gifts to give him as I have a lot of Ideals as you can tell from the suitcase full of awards given to him in my profile picture! :)

On: Jul 06, 2011


On: Jul 03, 2011

I want one too! I deserve one after having to wait a week for my empty suitcase!

On: Jan 05, 2011
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On: Dec 25, 2010
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Mrs. Neverson #DaringAngel
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I GOTTA MAKE IT to TREY DAY cause I'm READY for TREY SONGZ to be mine and it's causing me PASSION PAIN and PLEASURE all at the same time! I'm so crazy about @TREYSONGZ im being a #DaringAngel @2prettybrowneye running #TreyGasm @TreyGasm live broadcast on USTREAM!
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