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all his tattoo's are freakinq sexy , but
the one on his chest , smh im infatuated with it !

On: Aug 15, 2010

Im to much of a lady to be tryna throw myself
at Trey to have sex with him after a date .
If he was my man then that would be different .
Other than that , i will reman a classy younq lady
& qet to know him .

On: Aug 15, 2010

it's rumors qoinq around about every celebrity !
People just make them up so the celebrity can lose popularity .
But my opinion , idc if he bisexual or if he was straiqht up qay !
i still lovee his music & he is definately the best Male R&B artist .

On: Aug 15, 2010

i know i do !
You have to start your day off with Trey .
He sets your day straiqht & definately have
youu READY & prepared for anything !

On: Aug 15, 2010
Replied To: Trey's Angels Pre-Sale (Blog)
On: Aug 15, 2010
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My Name is Tania , but my friends call me Moe . Im 17 yearss old , a senior at Creative arts High school , & mature as i should be . Most of the time i stay to myself . My loves are Trey , dancee , Family , & my bestfriendsss . Without my loves i wouldn't be happy . One of my dreams is to meet Trey Songz himself up close & personal . It may not ever happen , but it's okae' to dream ! ( :