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Mrs. Treymane Songz


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i think Trey bsongz is everything. i have loved him since his first album came out. i kno this might sound dumb or unrealistic but my biggest dream is for me to sing one song for trey. even if its over the phone. i just want to sing for him. im a nig fan even wen he lost the fandemonium on bet i cried because i felt he was better then any one up there. one suggestion i will say is that in your new show i didnt like the cigar. it doesnt work for you. you are a calm, cute, and hardworking man who doesnt need to do sumthing silly as smoking a cigar. but in everything you do i will support you!!!!

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On: Jun 29, 2010
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Mrs. Treymane Songz!!
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Hey every body!! I am a huge Trey Songz fan!! i kno everything about him. hes the best i even criied wen he lost the fandemonium on bet. well my biggest dream is to sing a song for trey songz!!. i really want to become a singer but even if i dnt make it all i want is to just sing one song for him!!
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