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Hey Trey :P I would just like to let you know that you are literally my life! You have such an impact on me to say that I've never met you. I've seen you once in concert the minute you came out I was on the floor crying and then you shouted me out in the audience which stopped my heart abit.. I lost my voice that night.. but I cant wait until you come back again to the UK on tour. Tremaine.. I AM your biggest UK fan! I don't think anyone else can compete with me. I have been supporting you since day one & I've never left you throughout all your chapters. I can NOT wait until Chapter V is released, I made a countdown in my room next to the huge posters I have of you. Trey, i respect you so much & your music is my world. I listen to you everyday & if I don't, I'm upset for the whole day. I made a playlist with all your songs & all the songs you're featured on & it came up to 313 songs o_O Anyone who knows me, says that I'm obsessed with you lol but its all love. I love you so so so much Trey & I will continue to support you in anything and everything that you do.. you complete me & I can't wait until our wedding day #Yuuup ! Muuaaaahhh xoxoxoxoxo

On: Aug 05, 2012
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