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On: Mar 29, 2010
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Quaya all around people person ' never negative / but tends to have a smart mouth. Sophomore at william penn ' class of 2012 !. friends , i have some & they know who they are. I also hate people who say indirect shit * like if you going to say something about someone & ain't directly saying it to them ' then what's the point ? I play ball and i drill , or like anything i do a daily basis - i usually go with the flow - where ever the fun is ' im usually there - umm , but i do like to text, & read, & two-step. lol - party hardy ! don't really get involved with the drama stuff ' basically cause i hate negative people ' but don't get me wrong i CAN & WILL if i have to 'hold my own shit down ' without anyone's help / ain't that right young girl - lmao ! boys are Quaya you number one " ♥. .. well now that ' this is done , go & finish sucking me off....bye bye