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Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Sep 14, 2011
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On: Jan 28, 2011


Replied To: twitter twitter twitter (Forum topic)
On: Dec 09, 2010

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! im down

Replied To: Annual Conference 4 Trey's Angels (Forum topic)
On: Dec 09, 2010

jesusismysavior, #agreed. 100%

this isnt anything new, this "gay/bi" crap has been traveling for a minute. i think it has no clout. dont worry about it keep loving on him

Replied To: I dont care what anyone says!! (Forum topic)
On: Dec 01, 2010
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I am a huge Trey Songz fan, probably one of the biggest yet. I am a 24 year old Navy Veteran, wife, mother, student, and professional business woman. I'm a Philly Native (Go BIRDS, go Phillies, go Flyers!!!!!!) right now I stay in Connecitcut & I must say out of all the places I have lived I think this one blows the most! I'm smart, goofy, sweet, rowdy, humble, and so much more...... I'm looking forward to chatting with other Angels & TREY, of course ;)
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