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Replied To: Happy Birthday Trey Songz! (Blog)
On: Nov 28, 2009
On: Nov 17, 2009

-iht would bhe anyy of dhem bhut mainly iinvented sexx;;ii actually kried when he sunq iht tha first time aht his conert**

On: Nov 12, 2009

-man;theresz so manyy thinqsz tu du whit trey that ii kant even say*

On: Nov 12, 2009

-ii would kiss him bakk;then startd realizin later on that he really dhid invent sex hahaha*

On: Nov 12, 2009
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ii luv trey sonqsz;ii know all of his sonqsz lol;;he's tha onlyy person ii listen tu dailyy;ihf yhu wanna know more ii have a myspace;facebook nd twitter;yhu khan find mhe aht