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it dont matter he makes them all look gud he always lokkin sexxci damn! but he look more grown without them braids lo =) yuup!

On: May 09, 2010


Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: May 09, 2010
On: May 08, 2010

thats no even right i live in a small town so i wont everr see trey songz we dnt even have BET .......i went from living in cali to minnesota life is a bitch... wen u guys listen to trey dose it feel like hes ur other half nd then after ur done listening to his music ur empty inside dang i wish i could jus meet him! HE IS AMAZING

On: May 08, 2010

my friemds put me on check becuase i do its like wen i listen to it he gets me but then he be gettin ppl all freaky hahahah now im perverted l;ol i listen to everysong of his day nd night its like an adiction i cantt stop wont stop dont wanna stop!!! im planning on singing one of treys songz nd posting it but watch him make me look bad hahaha shouold i?

On: May 07, 2010
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im funny i laugh as much as i talk nd trust me thats alot.. i hate dramma starters .i love trey songz (tremaine aldon neverson) and i love to sing and dance nd sports im pretty good at them and how old am i ? old enough, im just me and if people dont like that well good for them i dont care who you are... im jus fun to hang with jus dnt get on my bad side and im still pissed the helll off cuase my mom wont let me see trey!
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