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i love him no matter wat i age ill still love him

On: Jan 07, 2012

hes always in my heart only person i think about i now all his songz i m not a stalker like some people i like really now him i live in virginia i cant go wit him im only 11 im pretty andi love him more than anything that goes in i love him my wats goin 2 hapeen 2 happen in da future wich involves with him loll im number 1 wifey lol i love the song ride or die

On: Jan 06, 2012

i love him bcuz of his voice is smile and pesonality and hes body i really love alot bout him enen more than that i new him since i dnt but i love him more than the peeps who love me and cared for me now they dont ol thats y i love trey bcuz i will die 4 him srry i keep on saying this but i will i will love him until i die he dies and when the world end i will love him no matter his age hes look i truley think about him all day every day omg thhats my real man i keep him in my prayers and i really love him i think of him all day every day if u now the song boothang that is what trey songz mean to me more than that hes more than gorgeous hes sexy more than that i love his voice o yeah im 11 and i would care so much about one person omg i love him i would die 4 him noone else hes my love

On: Jan 06, 2012

i love evry thing bout him i took this quiz on quizazz it said Damn Dats My Man and he cant fall 4 yall top tell me y he always fall 4 yall type lol u should see me in person i would die 4 him love him more than anything in the world i jus listened 2 his songz onb top what i be on and be the 1 im his #1 fan i think about him all day and every day

On: Jan 05, 2012

if he sung 2 me i would cry then i have 2 get backstage tickets oh wow im going 2 a concert dis summer

On: Jan 05, 2012
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i love alot of thingz about u i just dont now how 2 say it im lite skinned skinny my bday is nov 28 1999 i love u more dan the world and my family i would never cheat on u i love u more than my familys and i love u more than anything else trey fever on da internet lol but i love u 1 and only boo thang
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