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i luv him more dan yall most of yall love him bcuz of his sex appeal omg i love him more dan life world and my family i luv him more dan yall

On: Jan 01, 2012

1st we will get to now each other and then have his 1st kid so we can have a flower girl or a ring barrier for our wedding we would have a red wedding bcuz his fav color is red i would die 4 him he super duper in luv with me bcuz i saw him in real life i now he loves me

On: Jan 01, 2012

i really wanna see him i love him alot i wish can get married 1 day

On: Dec 31, 2011

and i just dont wanna have sex with him i wanna get married 1st den do it

On: Dec 31, 2011

this is what i think of trey songz hes sexy and has alot of talent i love listening 2 his his music somtimes i cry somtime i smile i really love top of the world and what i be on and neighbors now my name but back 2 the point why i love him i would cry for 2 months if he die i will die with him and become his real angel i would die 4 him dats how much i love him i would die 4 him in the future well have 2 daughters there name will be cloe and haley my name will be star neverson sexy name i now dont hate on it i dont need his money i can make my own money i would never hurt him i would cook his favorite food and hes the sexiest man i ever seen in my whole intire life i can be his future wonderwoman he has a sexy voice it makes me smile when i hear it my little cousin says im boy crazy about him i really am we would have the perfect future family my fav color is red and his is 2 all his pics or sexy on my laptop desktop it has his picture and my pass word is trey songz i love u alot i hope the future comes fast bcuz im waiting i love him more dan my fam srry but dats the only person i think about if you heared that song by verse simmons and kelly rowland that is what i think of tremaine i love you love #1 fan dats y i love u :) i feel happy now since i seen ur picture

On: Dec 31, 2011
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i love alot of thingz about u i just dont now how 2 say it im lite skinned skinny my bday is nov 28 1999 i love u more dan the world and my family i would never cheat on u i love u more than my familys and i love u more than anything else trey fever on da internet lol but i love u 1 and only boo thang
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