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- -i order The Premiumm Packaqee itss So Not A Gift For Mee Itss i Want It GIft Lolxspahahha. . .:))

On: Aug 14, 2010

-I dont believe it ckusx than he would have been lieinqq tuee hiss fans bout hium beinqq sinqlee &&Nd! stuhff and that would make someee veryy mad!

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2010

-Hay trey first off i lovee yhuu...
-Will yhu ever have lik a contest where lik you spend a day with a fann. . .
-Ckusx if you do i would qive anythanq in the world tuee win. . .
-I love yhuu
-Im outt
-For now

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 23, 2010

-IM not obbssedd ethierr im jusx a decattiedd fann lolxs

On: Jul 22, 2010

-I would ask hiu mtue make one sonq with all these sonqs in one. . .
-Panty Droppa
-Neiqhbors know My Name
-I Invented Sex
-I Needd A Girl
-One Love
-Sayy Ahhh
-Readyy tuee Make Love
-Jupiter Lovee
-Blaqck Roses
-Lovee Lost
-Yo Side Of The Bed
. . .-&&Nd! thatxs preettyy much it if he did that i would preety muchh lik ckryy periodd. . ./!

On: Jul 22, 2010
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-I am the ultimate tremaine fann i noee everythanq bout hium dowen tuee hiys mommahh name &&Nd! i noee every sonqq all the way from trey i qotta make it..Well thatxs all i qott banq boom buhhbyee. . .
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