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On: Jul 05, 2010
On: Jul 05, 2010
On: Jul 05, 2010
On: Jul 05, 2010
On: Jul 05, 2010
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I am a really big Trey Songz fan. I respect him as a person and an artist. i love that he is a believer of Jesus Christ because i am too. I am a very positive and loving person. I am also a very laid back and cool person. I like music and pay attention to everything about it. trey songz and gospel are the main things i really listen too because i know his background and the lord savior he believes in too. there is so much out here with music that we dont know and its heartbreaking to know the truths behind it. I love to just do the simple things and just have a good time. I am a very talented young woman too, that's why i respect Trey songz because he is a great role model and make others believe they can do it to by being theirselves and staying true to themselves. Its just beautiful to know there is still guys around like Him. I'm not one who is intrigue by fame nor fortune. personality is what catch my heart and trey just have the total package, he is Just beautiful inside and out.
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