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Trey came 4 a CD signing in my area on Sept. 18th nd i waited for about 8 hours at the front of the line for him to arrive. i was so excited that i became speechless in front of him (nd thats a big deal cuz i hav the gift of gab). i didnt faint or anything but he smiled at me nd all i cud say was "i love u" nd then he said "i love u 2 baby". wen i finally left the line nd got over my excitement i bursted into happy tears it was truly a gr8 experience.

so in the end just kno that Trey loves u 2 nd no matter how short the experience may be it will SO b worth it. oh nd wear sumthin real cute !! lol

follow me on twitter nd i'll follow back: @TriggasWifey

Good Luck ! --Alex

On: Nov 22, 2010

#shoutout 2 my #DMVangels ima b in there like swim wear... i kno who Treys Ultimate Angel is nd her name is @TriggasWifey lol :) iLy Tremaine !!! MUAH

On: Nov 22, 2010

i definately agree.. @AllyMinajSongz

On: Sep 21, 2010
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