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yess i do actually..i listen to trey everyday on my ipod..i cant go a day without listening to him whether on the radio, my ipod, t.v., my laptop,etc.. I LOOVE HIS MUSIC!!

On: Aug 28, 2010
On: Aug 26, 2010
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Mrs.Tremaine Neverson
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i absolutely adore trey songz!! i seriously believe he is my husband no joke..but i am a TRUE fan of his music && i support him 100% umm yuup! but about me ?? i am currently a full time student also i work two jobs soo i am really busy..very independent i would say :D but anywho i have to remain postive && i thank god for all he has done for very hard-working and determined, just like my husband said " i just gotta make it !!" but if u have any questions for me, feel free to ask muah :D mrs. neverson..
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